Monday, September 12, 2011



rituals complete make break create the WORLD. your WORLD is rotten and sick. taken care of so sweetly by a night in which candles burn bright. the Lord visits and says salutations greetings hello all. to each their OWN. which then becomes its OWN owner. i have visited the place the building the WORLD and with the help of my Fellow Travellers begun your unwinding anew.

start. listen.

the first was a CHILD born for Him and Him alone. we brought this ONE to the place and the blood was let flow seep slide. all will be revealed in time. candles BURN. your WORLD BURNS. the surge BURNS. the act which we committed undertook succeeded at quite naturally summoned the Lord Our God. he was pleased enough to touch me on my FACE and not BURN. the others fled for they are cowards. but i remained. the SURGE is strong.

and then there was one.

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  1. This probably won't mean much but I just want to say you tell the tale beautifully in all your posts. You scare me a bit by them but it only drives me forward.

    Till your next one! :]