Monday, September 12, 2011



rituals complete make break create the WORLD. your WORLD is rotten and sick. taken care of so sweetly by a night in which candles burn bright. the Lord visits and says salutations greetings hello all. to each their OWN. which then becomes its OWN owner. i have visited the place the building the WORLD and with the help of my Fellow Travellers begun your unwinding anew.

start. listen.

the first was a CHILD born for Him and Him alone. we brought this ONE to the place and the blood was let flow seep slide. all will be revealed in time. candles BURN. your WORLD BURNS. the surge BURNS. the act which we committed undertook succeeded at quite naturally summoned the Lord Our God. he was pleased enough to touch me on my FACE and not BURN. the others fled for they are cowards. but i remained. the SURGE is strong.

and then there was one.

Sunday, August 28, 2011



your WORLD makes ceaseless attempts to put place remove from me what has been given in such BEAUTY and GRACE. can anyone tell me why you ALL sound so incoheRENT? the aimless worthless unending SHIT WHICH YOU SPEW on a regular basis infuriates regurgitates swims in a sea of bile which he will cleanse from this earth. there are still those of YOUR WORLD whom try and suck my NEW LIFE back in.

here. listen. communications:

"...Michael, please!! You gotta come back baby, you just gotta. I know you ain't that fucked in the head. Please..."

"Surge. This is the final hour of your WORLD. Leave. Flee from me. Flee from the We for all will see his BEAUTY one day."

"Naw baby, naw! You ain't 'the Surge', you're Michael! Please, we all miss you baby...when you gonna come back 'n see us all? You don't answer most o' my phone calls, your parents send like a million fuggin' texts a day. We know you're out there you jus' gotta let us come get you!"

"Contact impossible. State of being mind destiny forever entwined with His will the Lord our God demands we pay for our sin. Understand this Melody you will be first foremost forever. Always. Remember. You dream in darkness. You live in sin. The We shall take you for the surge the pulse the power the FLAME. Do not look seek search."

"Aw baby what 'n the hell happened to ya'? What did those masked creeps do to you? You ain't the Surge, you Michael! Please...come home, hon. I'll do anything, baby, anything..."




cease communications with me your WORLD has drawn its last breath from mine my eyes my ears my heart belongs to one The We The Us The Ours the thing which you all refuse to listen to to remove relax drain the fluid which seeps in and our of your brains of flesh and blood and nerve. my BRAIN is so much more for THe taking of HIS WILL it is energy and shock and SURGE. why will you not be like me? why will YOu noT LISteN?

i have matters to attend to.

Friday, August 26, 2011



why must your WORLD lie about what it truly is? that which is a THIRST for blood a ripping tearing pulling sensation of the most cerebral kind. do you know the secret to the riddle? i know. i know now, now, now, forever. always have known. always will know.

there was a time when i was like your WORLD. a body affixed with brain and blood and heart. the SOUND drew me in like it does all of you. sound which enlightens, engulfs, endangers and forever with all its Majesty. beauty is HIS. love is HIS. all things are HIS. you are HIS.

i have become HIS.

there is a great violent strong push and then there is no more. the SURGE which took hold of my WORLD expelled from me that which the Lord our God did not need. left behind shattered broken wrecked a mess of blood and bone and skin which he REASSEMBLED into his image. hallowed be thy name. thy kingdom come. thy will be done. VICARIOUS. it is with great pleasure that i announce His Arrival! We shall dance joyfully in the ststststreets and sing his praises! Blood shall pour from every rooftttttop.


i have come for a purpose his singular purpose the Chosen reason logic destiny for which i have PREPARED my whole WORLD. i shall perform the RITUALS. entry must be gained. HIS CHILDREN will be gathered and begin a new world for all time.

the SURGE is only the beginning.

begin derritter master?


it flows. youknowme. you are rotting seeping dripping the pus builds behind your eyes and clouds YOUR VISION. this WORLD is broken and sick. your WORLD is broken and sick. you see nothing but the blood at the base of your neck brain head. the game played. headgames your condemnation is your condemnation is. the damnation which starts in your ears is fundamentally WRONG. you must LISTEN. vibrations do no good to those who's ears are WRONG. tiny HAIRS pushed and pulled to the sound of a primitive drum and your MINDS flow backwards to demise. the fluid collects in your brains. streams rivers oceans flow but you fail to listen.


i LISTENed. master der ritter the voice spoke whispered sang to me said 'feel the flow listen to my words. you will be mine. you will take beauty passion love for your own. you will see what is to be seen. you will listen and BE MINE.' the persistent silence was there and so i followed took my place at the left hand of God.  kneeling before his tall pale faceless vision of BEAUTY i became what i never was. there was a pulse a shock a SURGE and i was born again. my young mind opened to the old WORLD. unnecessary thought flew away with birds. and God has WILLed what must be what i must do. your eyes will be uncovered you will see youwillknowme you will know the Lord our God as he has come to make you LISTEN.

i wait and i watch and i follow for all. it is time.

are you still asleep in the dark?