Friday, August 26, 2011

begin derritter master?


it flows. youknowme. you are rotting seeping dripping the pus builds behind your eyes and clouds YOUR VISION. this WORLD is broken and sick. your WORLD is broken and sick. you see nothing but the blood at the base of your neck brain head. the game played. headgames your condemnation is your condemnation is. the damnation which starts in your ears is fundamentally WRONG. you must LISTEN. vibrations do no good to those who's ears are WRONG. tiny HAIRS pushed and pulled to the sound of a primitive drum and your MINDS flow backwards to demise. the fluid collects in your brains. streams rivers oceans flow but you fail to listen.


i LISTENed. master der ritter the voice spoke whispered sang to me said 'feel the flow listen to my words. you will be mine. you will take beauty passion love for your own. you will see what is to be seen. you will listen and BE MINE.' the persistent silence was there and so i followed took my place at the left hand of God.  kneeling before his tall pale faceless vision of BEAUTY i became what i never was. there was a pulse a shock a SURGE and i was born again. my young mind opened to the old WORLD. unnecessary thought flew away with birds. and God has WILLed what must be what i must do. your eyes will be uncovered you will see youwillknowme you will know the Lord our God as he has come to make you LISTEN.

i wait and i watch and i follow for all. it is time.

are you still asleep in the dark?

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