Friday, August 26, 2011



why must your WORLD lie about what it truly is? that which is a THIRST for blood a ripping tearing pulling sensation of the most cerebral kind. do you know the secret to the riddle? i know. i know now, now, now, forever. always have known. always will know.

there was a time when i was like your WORLD. a body affixed with brain and blood and heart. the SOUND drew me in like it does all of you. sound which enlightens, engulfs, endangers and forever with all its Majesty. beauty is HIS. love is HIS. all things are HIS. you are HIS.

i have become HIS.

there is a great violent strong push and then there is no more. the SURGE which took hold of my WORLD expelled from me that which the Lord our God did not need. left behind shattered broken wrecked a mess of blood and bone and skin which he REASSEMBLED into his image. hallowed be thy name. thy kingdom come. thy will be done. VICARIOUS. it is with great pleasure that i announce His Arrival! We shall dance joyfully in the ststststreets and sing his praises! Blood shall pour from every rooftttttop.


i have come for a purpose his singular purpose the Chosen reason logic destiny for which i have PREPARED my whole WORLD. i shall perform the RITUALS. entry must be gained. HIS CHILDREN will be gathered and begin a new world for all time.

the SURGE is only the beginning.

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